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Leo Toupin, MD
Dr. Toupin specializes in Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine with a focus on Primary Care for adults of all ages.  
If your needs include sleep related disorders, Dr. Toupin can provide this level of specialty care. 

Our Practice

At Capital Primary Care, our goal is to provide quality, efficient, and cost effective primary patient care. To achieve this goal, we provide open communication and immediate access to care with timely referrals to the best specialists in Austin.  We strive to reduce the financial burden to our patients by reducing the need for unnecessary testing, procedures, and the use of unnecessary medications. We provide these services in a friendly, clean, and comfortable environment where employees focus on patient needs. Lastly, to improve overall quality, we continue to investigate new technologies to improve patient care and reduce potential medical errors.


Sleep Medicine:

Our practice also evaluates and treats sleep disorders.  Dr. Toupin is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and provides consultation and/or primary care for patients with a variety of sleep disorders.


We offer in-home sleep testing services, aftercare and management of CPAP equipment as well as referrals to other specialists to assist in the care of patients with complex sleep disorders.  

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